Crypto-currencies have taken world by storm,

the value of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and  ethereum have risen from nothing to hundreds and thousands of dollar and made millions of people very rich.

Buying and selling of crypto-currencies  is not always easy, different exchanges offer different prices.

Prices vary from 10% to 20% in different markets, and you may not always get the best deals.

Transferring money to different exchanges around the world is very difficult and it may take weeks before you see deposits on these exchange s.

Wish there was a better way for you to buy and sell Crypto-Currencies on markets aroundd the world?

Now There is , Introducing Sikka

Sikka is a fixed value crypto-currency that is listed on multiple exchanges around the world.

All you have to do is buy Sikka at fixed value using local currency from a sikka merchant transfer them to one of the listed exchanges

and simply  buy, sell or trade crypto currencies of your choice anytime

You can sell Sikka back to your local merchant  at a fixed rate and collect your local currency back

From now no more paying premium pricing to buy Bitcoins in your local markets.